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  • This Nine(9) year old worked to his father one morning and said ” Dad, the Lord gave me a new song. ” And out of curiosity the father asked him to sing the song. Oh my God! You need to listen to this song. Part of the lyrics of this song says ” Everything I […]
  • “I choose to call you Father is a song I received on my way to Church fellowship at ECWA WUSE 2 Abuja Nigeria where I served as a member of the worship team and a teacher at the Teens Church known as Yps World. I was actually trekking that day because I hadn’t any money […]
  • The only thing that does not change is the love of God to us. This song is the best confession of love any time and any where. Rhela is an anointed and passionate worshiper of the most high. This is her debut single and this is a song that makes you wanna cry just thinking […]
  • Volume 7. No. 8 LEADERSHIP MODEL 1 Who is a leader? What does he/she do? How does s/he lead? Is leadership necessary? Why do we need leaders? Definition is necessary here: A leader is a person or superior position within its field, and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over […]