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  • Amarachi Obinna (Wife & Husband)  is a true picture of one plus one equals one commissioned by God to impact this generation with nothing else but Holy Ghost powered songs of all genres. Released their debut single in June 2017 after an encounter with the Holy Spirit that broke the hidden gift of songwriting, composing […]
  • To all the fans of Mr. Peculiar all over the world, and the lovers of good music,you can download the full “Selah album” anywhere you are in the world from this link bellow: From the comfort of your house you don’t have to go to a physical CD shop to buy music. Get it […]
  • Joshua Moses Zamani is a Kaduna based musician signed under 64bit Studio. He is passionate about the Kingdom of God through intimacy with the Holy Spirit and his desire is to bring his audience into that reality through music. Joshua with the song HOLD MY HANDS, produced by Shaddi Justin, intends to bring many into […]
  • Yeshua  means ‘Salvation’ in Hebrew. Who is Yeshua? Yeshua is the same as Jesus Christ of the New Testament Bible, and the same as the Messiah which was prophesied to come through the Jewish people over and again in the Old Testament Bible which is known as the Tanakh to the Jews. This is a […]